This is a detailed view of the research program only. To get a complete picture of all the events (keynotes, social events, etc.) taking place at the broader iSummit please visit the official iSummit website.

Note to iSummit participants: the listing of multiple names for a title indicates simply that there exists a research collaboration between multiple parties for that title. This does not guarantee that all respective researchers will be present during the session. For each presentation at least one (and often only one) of the authors will be present. This is common practice in research/academic presentations. Other iSummit tracks may be organized in a different manner.

DAY 1 (30/7/2008)

Session 1, 11:30-13:00 (1.5 hours)

Title: Perspectives on Free Culture
Chair: Giorgos Cheliotis
Format: Research presentations (20 min each) followed by Q&A (10 min)

Leah Belsky, Yochai Benkler and Byron Kahr
Everything in its Right Place: Social Cooperation and the Production and Distribution of Creative Works

Christopher Adams
Sovereignty of Free Culture: Georges Bataille and the Accursed Share

Herkko Hietanen
Honey I Took Out The Trash: Curbside Recycling Motivations and the Free Culture Movement

Jisuk Woo, Jeong Min Choi and Seo Woo Choi
How the Korean Entertainment Industry’s Move to Directly Sue Individual Internet Users Influences the Users’ Attitudes and Activities

Session 2, 14:00-15:30 (1.5 hours)

Title: Applications and Challenges of Free Cultural Practices
Chair: Brian Fitzgerald
Format: Presentations (20 min each) followed by Q&A (10 min)

Note: Presentation by ISKME (Cynthia Jimes) moved to DAY 2 - Session 3B

Prodromos Tsiavos
The Museum as a Cathedral and a Bazaar: Tracing Flows of Rights in the UK Cultural, Memory and Education Sector

Eric E. Johnson
Copysquare and Konomark: New Ways to Be Friendly With Your Intellectual Property

Irene Cassarino and Wolf Richter
Lessons Learnt From Implementing an Open Licensing Model in Distributed Film Production – The case of "A Swarm of Angels"

DAY 2 (31/7/2008)

Session 1, 11:30-13:00 (1.5 hours)

Title: Online Communities and Social Networks
Chair: Prodromos Tsiavos
Format: Presentations (20 min each) followed by Q&A (10 min)

Philipp Schmidt
Wikipedia - First Results From the Official Survey and Some Thoughts on Motivation, Distribution, and Quality

Alek Tarkowski
Social and Cultural Practices with Free Cultural Works. Case Study of the Flickr Web Service

Chih-Kang Cheng
The Study of Sharing Behavior in BBS platform in Taiwan – a Case Study of Virtual Communities in PTT

Giorgos Cheliotis
Remix Culture: An Empirical Investigation of Creative Reuse and the Licensing of Digital Media in Online Communities

Session 2, 14:00-15:00 (1 hour)

Title: Speed-Geeking and Poster Session
Chair: Jessica Coates
Format: An open and free bazaar of ideas - anyone can present anything relating to the themes of the research workshop.

What to do: If you’re just curious, drop by and check out who is there. If you have a poster accepted for this session, make sure your poster is up well before the start of the break and be there to show off your brilliant work to anyone who will pass by. If you have no poster accepted for presentation but want to present something that you feel is relevant to the themes of the research workshop, you are welcome to bring your laptop or any other props that you need in order to communicate your message.

Session 3: 15:30-17:00 (1.5 hours)

This session consists of two sub-sessions:

Session 3A (approx. 45 min)

Title: Quantifying the Digital Commons
Chair: Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Format: Presentations (20 min each) followed by Q&A (5-10 min)

Davide Bardone, Elias S. G. Carotti and Juan Carlos De Martin
Geospatial Context Extraction for Creative Commons Licensed Digital Contents

Ben Bildstein
New Methodologies for Quantifying Licence-Based Commons on the Web

Session 3B (approx. 45 min)

Title: Perspectives on Freedom and the Commons in East Asia
Chair: Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Format: Presentations (20 min each) followed by Q&A (5-10 min)

HyoJung Sun, Jisuk Woo and HyunSoo Na
Influence of the UCC Regulation during the Political Campaign in Korea on Free Culture

Moved to this session:

Lisa Petrides, Cynthia Jimes and Anastasia Karaglani
"Travel Well" Open Educational Resources: A Presentation of Ongoing Research


Han-Teng Liao
East Asian Commons for Historical Reconciliation

DAY 3 (1/8/2008)

Session 1, 11:30-13:00 (1.5 hours)

Title: A Research and Action Agenda for Free Culture
Chair: Giorgos Cheliotis
Format: Short introductory panel (20-30 min) followed by open discussion (1 hour)

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